Configure Hosted Authentication Type

To enable and configure Hosted authentication type:

  1. Navigate to Authentication in the Cloud Scale section of the Catalyst console. Click the Set Up option present in the Native Catalyst Authentication section. cloud_scale_auth_empty_screen_native_highlight

  2. Select Hosted Authentication as the type of native authentication method, and click Next. cloud_scale_auth_hosted_choice

  3. You can configure your login element now to reflect your company’s brand. Enter the Company Name, and upload the Company Logo by clicking the upload-icon and choosing a file from your local system. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_name_logo

Note: The file size of the Company Logo must be 5MB or less and the file name must be 150 characters or less.
  1. You can incorporate your company’s colors in your login elements by choosing the primary color and background color from the color palette, or by entering their HEX values. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_color_test

  2. Enable Public Signup if you wish to allow new users to sign up to your application. You can find out more on this from the Public Signup help page. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_enable_public_signup

Note: You must enable Public Signup if you want to view the Sign Up page and allow your users to access your application through Social Logins.
  1. You can also select the Social Logins and enable them to allow your users to use them and sign up for your applications. You can learn about configuring each social login in detail from the Social Logins help section. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_social_enabled
Note: Ensure that you have Client ID and Client Secret values for each of the social login using this step-by-step guide.
  1. In the Addional Settings section you can choose to include an additional authentication step by enabling the Custom User Validation option. This option allows you to validate your end-users using a custom logic that you code in a Basic I/O function. You can find out how to set this up in the Whitelisting help document. You can use the Authorized Domains section to authorize external domains to have CORS and iFrame access to your application. You can find out how to set up authorized domains in the Authorized Domain help section. addionalsettingswithauthorized

  2. Click Finish, to enable the Hosted authentication type. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_done

You will now be able to view the authentication that you have set up in the Authentication Type section of Authentication.

You can view a more detailed preview of how the login element will appear to your end-user by clicking Access URL. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_access_highlight

This will open a tab in your browser and load the Login Page URL in a seperate tab in your browser, giving you an exact view of the entire login element that your end-user would access. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_signin_full

You can similarly view the Sign Up and the Password Reset pages by clicking the drop-down icon and choosing the respective page, then clicking Access URL. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_show_all_pages

Note: You must enable Public Signup, to view the Sign Up page. You can always edit the configured authentication and enable it any time.

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