Use Cases

Catalyst cache can be used in the following scenarios:

  • A weather application that provides real-time information about the temperature, weather conditions, humidity levels, and more for a particular geography uses the Catalyst cache to store the weather data. This data is updated once every hour. The existing cache items are set to expire in an hour, after which new data about the latest weather conditions are obtained from a database and are written to the cache automatically.

  • A movie ticket booking application that allows the users to view and book movie tickets for specific theaters, which uses the Catalyst cache to store the user’s session data when they initiate the process of booking tickets. This session data is set to expire in six minutes, within which the user must complete the booking process. If the user doesn’t complete the booking within six minutes, the cache items are deleted, and they must initiate the booking again from scratch.

Some other examples where Catalyst cache can be implemented include applications of the following types:

  • Real-time gaming leaderboards
  • Geospatial applications
  • IoT applications
  • Healthcare applications
  • Financial and banking applications
  • Mobility management applications
  • Telecommunications applications
  • E-commerce applications

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