Use Cases

  • Applications that update data periodically
    Certain applications fetch updated data periodically from an external server and display it to their users. For example, a weather application or an application that provides live stock and securities market updates. You can easily build such applications in Catalyst and handle the periodical third-party API invocations automatically in your required time interval or schedule using Catalyst cron. You can explore a similar use case in detail by trying out the NewsApp tutorial.

  • Scheduled backups
    Backups are crucial in creating required redundancies of data that can be accessed easily, in the event of the original data being accidentally lost or compromised. Catalyst saves you the time and effort in performing backups manually. You can simply configure a cron to the job, and take automatic backups of your data at the time or interval you require.

  • Efficient Handling of Recursive Administrative Operations
    Human resources operations, such as generating and release of payslips, submission of daily operational reports, and maintenance of employee attendance records, are crucial for the functioning of any organization. Configuring the necessary cron function will ensure that these operations are carried out automatically and per schedule without dedicating additional resources.

  • Handling Operation Redundancies
    If you consider the process workflow of an organization, especially a tech-centric organization, the infrastructure is generally set up in a way to optimize interoperability. But implementing smooth interoperability creates a large number of redundant tasks, such as rotating log files, syncing files, and cleaning up temporary files. Although redundant, these processes are vital, and implementing dedicated cron jobs to handle these operations would ensure that the tasks are carried out periodically and with no additional manual intervention once the job is set to execute.

  • Alert-based applications
    Recursive cron jobs can be used in designing applications that send automatic alerts to users frequently. For example, you can build an application that alerts users when they are close to crossing the safety threshold of their expense account.

  • User-configured applications
    Catalyst cron can process dynamic inputs, You can fetch inputs for a cron job’s schedule from your application’s users and dynamically execute required logic. This will be helpful in applications like health apps that alert users whenever they need to take their medicines. The users can determine the frequency and schedule of the alerts based on their requirements, and you can write your application logic to process these inputs.

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