1. Easy and Quick Mapping Process

    The domain mapping process can be completed easily in three steps from the Catalyst console. You will only need to make minor changes in your domain’s DNS configuration to enable mapping with Catalyst. You can exit the mapping process at any time and continue from right where you left off.
  2. Exposing your domain URL to end users

    The ability to provide a URL of your organization’s domain to your Catalyst application users, instead of only using Catalyst’s default URL, enhances the brand value and professionalism of your organization. It helps you with marketing and creating a good reputation for your brand.
  3. Enterprise-level security for your domain

    Zoho’s mandatory Group SSL certificate ensures safety for your domain and enables you to distribute a secure endpoint of your application to your customers or application users. You don’t need to spend additional money and procure an SSL certificate on your own for your domain. Catalyst also auto-renews the SSL certificate each time before it expires. This frees you from the responsibility of managing the security of your domain entirely, and saves you from the effort involved in it.
  4. Accessing your application with a custom URL

    You can map up to 5 domains for each Catalyst application, allowing you to expose different URLs to different groups of end users based on your business logic. You can also continue using the default development URL when you’re working in the development environment in your console, or the default production URL for testing and other purposes.

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