Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management, a Catalyst Cloud Scale component, enables you to seamlessly host, distribute, and manage Android and iOS mobile apps in Catalyst. Catalyst MDM is designed using ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus, which is a cost-effective enterprise mobile device management solution. Catalyst offers a secure and reliable cloud platform and server resources that are highly scalable to accommodate your app’s demands, ensuring a rich user experience.

You can easily host your mobile app from the console and manage your application’s versioning in Catalyst. You can host one Android app and one iOS app for each project. MDM also allows you to send the end users invites from the console to install the mobile apps for both platforms. This enables you to keep track of the number of devices the app is installed on from the invites and view user statistics.

Catalyst also helps you incorporate Push Notifications in your iOS mobile app and send push notifications directly from the console. The mobile apps you host on MDM will be made available to the users only in the Production environment of your Catalyst project. You can host your Android or iOS app to test MDM’s functionalities in the Development environment. However, the app will not be available live. You can must deploy your Catalyst project to Production and work in the Production environment, to use MDM’s features in production. Refer to the Environments help page for more information.

  • Unlike web applications, you cannot create or deploy resources of your mobile applications from the Catalyst CLI.
  • Mobile Device Management is currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers.

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