Whitelisting is a feature of Cloud Scale Authentication that enables you to validate and manage various aspects of access to your Catalyst application. These include the following:

The Whitelisting feature ensures ready-to-implement high security for your application by enabling you to clearly specify and authorize domains that can access your application’s endpoints through CORS requests or load your application widget. Likewise, security is ensured by controlling the access to your application to specific users that you require through custom user validation.

Note: You can access this section during the authentication setup in the final step, or directly from the Whitelisting section in the console. In the latter case, you should have already configured at least one authentication types.


  • Catalyst makes your application development process significantly easier, as you need not manually code your application to allow CORS requests or iFrame access for each domain that you require. You don’t need to configure custom responses in your functions for specific domains to access your application resources, or code the logic of loading your application as a widget in an external domain.

  • You can simply add a domain in the Catalyst console and enable or disable CORS and iFrame whenever you need, with the click of a button. Similarly, you can enable or disable Custom User Validation for your application through a single toggle switch, and use custom logic to validate your end-users.

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