File Store


File Store is a Catalyst Cloud Scale component that provides cloud storage solutions to store, manage, and organize your application files and user data files. The files can be images, videos, text files, document files, spreadsheets, or other formats. Catalyst provides storage for all file formats and helps you categorize them in folders. Some examples of application files that you may want to store are application icon images, user profile pictures, and user documents. You can also download these files from the File Store to your local machine.

You can create multiple folders and store each of the related files in a folder. You can also set permissions for folders and define the access level granted for each of the user roles to each folder. Catalyst does not allow you to create sub-folders within your folders.

Note: Catalyst provides 1 GB of File Store space for each project in the development environment. There are no upper limits for storage in the production environment.

SDK and API documentation

You can create, update, and delete folders, upload and delete files directly from the console, or by using the SDKs. Catalyst also provides APIs to perform File Store operations. For more information and code samples on working in these programming environments, refer to these help pages:

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