Edit Hosted Authentication Type

You will be able to preview and edit the company branding elements and enable or disable social logins per your preference.


If you wish to:

To edit the Hosted Authentication type:

  1. Click the Edit Page option present in the review section, and edit the branding and functional elements of the Sign Up, Sign In, and Reset Password pages. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_edit_page_highlight

  2. You can edit the Company Name, Company Logo, the branding colors, and edit, enable or disable social logins and configure them. You will be able to view live preview of the edits. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_edits

Note:Note: You can click Maximize to preview the changes in full screen, and click Minimize to go back to the configuration section.
  1. Click Confirm, to save the changes. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_edits_confirm

You can view the updated login element back in the Authentication Types section. cloud_scale_authentication_hosted_complete

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