To use the Whitelisting section you have to configure at least one authentication type: Hosted Authentication Type, Embedded Authentication Type, or Third-party Authentication Type.

You can access the Whitelisting by navigating to Cloud Scale > Authentication in the console, and clicking the Whitelisting option.


Custom User Validation enables you to validate your end-users using a custom logic as defined by you in a Basic I/O function.


Custom User Validation will be disabled by default, and you have the option of configuring it in two ways:

Note: You can also enable Custom User Validation in the *Additional Settings* section during the last step of all the authentication setups. cloud_scale_additional_settings

Enable Custom User Validation

  1. Click the toggle button present next to the Custom User Validation option in the Whitelisting section. cloud_scale_authentication_whitelisting
Note: Public Signup must be enabled to use Custom User Validation. As mentioned earlier, you can enable while setting up an authentication type using the Addional Settings section.
  1. Select the Basic I/O function that contains your custom logic from the dropdown. cloud_scale_custom_validation_funcchoose

  2. You can click JSON Validation button to view and copy the sample JSON input to test the function. You can test this input with a sample function available in the respective SDK sections of each stack, or with your own custom logic. cloud_scale_custom_validation_json

  3. Click Configure to finish enabling Custom User Validation. cloud_scale_auth_whitelisting_csu_enabled

Disable Custom User Validation

You can disable the Custom User Validation option if you no longer wish to validate user sign ups using a custom logic, by simply clicking the toggle button to disable Custom User Validation. cloud_scale_auth_whitelisting_csu_enabled_toggle_highighlit

Custom User Validation will be disabled, and can be re-enabled again at any time.

Note: Custom User Validation will automatically be disabled for your application if you disable Public Signup.

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