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Cloud Scale Help Documentation

Explore components that enable you to securely build and host robust applications and microservices.
Cloud Scale provides end-to-end solutions for all your application storage, security, integration, and deployment needs.

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  1. Data Store

    Operate a highly-scalable, relational database for your app without needing to manage its infrastructure.

    File Store

    Store application files in a secure cloud and provide access to the shared file system as needed.


    Implement a robust, fully-managed cache in-memory for real-time use cases to store ephemeral data.


    Integrate a powerful, cost-effective search that queries volumes of records and provides instant results.


    Query your app's database efficiently using Catalyst's own ZCQL, modelled after familiar query languages.

  2. Security and Identity

  3. Authentication

    Provide secure authentication and sign-ins for your app users, and manage their user accounts.

    API Gateway

    Create APIs to access functions and web client end-points in your app, and perform advanced API management.

  4. Triggers

  5. Cron

    Configure job schedulers to automatically execute routine, custom tasks at specific schedules or intervals.

    Event Listeners

    Configure component and custom event listeners, and execute your own logic upon an event occurence.

  6. Notify

  7. Mail

    Configure your org's emails of public or private domains, and external email clients to send emails from your app.

    Push Notifications

    Integrate push notifications in your web or iOS apps easily, and test notifications before they are sent.

  8. Host and Manage

  9. Web Client Hosting

    Host web clients of Catalyst apps built on any front-end framework securely, and manage web app versioning.

    Domain Mappings

    Map your org's domains with Catalyst to provide users with custom URLs, and procure free SSL certificates.

    Mobile Device Management

    Host and manage Android and iOS apps built with Catalyst's mobile SDKs, and invite users to access your apps.



Access independent, pre-packaged solutions that you can implement in your logic. You can easily install a microservice from the library and leverage its functionality.

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Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with Catalyst Cloud Scale.

How do I add my users to my Catalyst application?
You can add users to your application by sending them email invites directly from the console using the User Management feature present in the Authentication component. Your users will then be authenticated based on the authentication type of your preference. You can also add users to your application through code using the Web SDK, Java SDK, Node SDK, Python SDK, or the API, and embed a sign up form in your client application.
Does Catalyst provide SSL certificates for my domains for free of cost?
Yes, Catalyst enables security for all the domains that you map with your application by providing Group SSL certificates for them for free of cost.
How do I get notified if there are any cron failures?
You can use Application Alerts to notify you in the event of a failure in Cron, Event Listener or Logs. You can configure email alerts for each time there are failures or for specific event occurrences in any of these components.
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