• Embedded authentication is a type of Native Catalyst Authentication. This ensures that all end points of your application including end users’ access to your application are secured by Catalyst.

  • Catalyst offers you the necessary scripts that you can plug in to your application to configure this authentication method. This will let load your login element as an iFrame in your application, considerably reducing your coding efforts.

  • You can style the login element per your preferences, and in a manner that reflects your company’s branding, ensuring brand consistency. You can easily import this CSS into your login script.

  • If you are using Embedded Authentication along with Hosted Authentication, then you can directly import the styling elements you used to style your Hosted Login elements to your Embedded Authentication type. You can also easily apply custom styling by importing your CSS file.

  • Catalyst provides you with a CSS style-sheet for the default iFrame design, that you can simply download and customize as per your requirements.

  • You can implement the embedded authentication type in two ways — Conventional Login Form and Social Login Form. Each method allows you to provide the required sign in logic in your app, while ensuring a smooth end-user experience and complete security.

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