Data Store


The Data Store is a Catalyst Cloud Scale component that is a cloud-based relational database management system which stores the persistent data of your application. This data repository includes the data from the application’s backend and the data of the application’s end users. The Catalyst Data Store enables you to perform data manipulations such as adding new tables, adding and modifying records, defining field characteristics, and deleting data. You can perform these actions by clicking a few buttons, or you can also execute queries in ZCQL to manage the data operations.

You can also set scopes and permissions for each table in the Data Store. They define the availability of the table’s data and the levels of access granted to various user roles for each table. The Data Store works with APIs and your application platform’s SDK, which you can use to process HTTP requests from the application for various operations. For further information, refer to the SDK documentation on Data Store.

Key Features of Catalyst Data Store

  • Can be used to create databases and manage tables in the console without performing query operations.
  • Can be accessed with ZCQL query operations. This enables more control over data processing and handles specific requirements.
  • Can be used to perform data manipulation operations by working with APIs and the platform-specific SDK.
  • Can process bulk data insertion in the background using queues.
  • Can be accessed and modified from client devices based on the scopes and permissions.
  • Contains cloud storage which ensures scalability and universal access.
  • Provides synchronization of data and updates between the various collaborators of the project.
  • Supports advanced search on the indexed columns using Catalyst Search.
  • Supports Bulk Read, Bulk Write, and Bulk Delete operations.
  • Metrics displays the following usage information of Data Store- Table Count and Row Count history.

SDK and API Documentation

Catalyst offers several APIs to perform various operations in the Data Store. You can also access various Data Store features in the Catalyst SDK packages. For more information and code samples on working in these programming environments, refer to these help pages:

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