Email Templates Customization

The Email Templates feature allows you to customize the styling of the Email Verification and Password Reset emails. You can customize the font, subject, email content and style of the email based on your business requirements and branding preferences.

You can also view the live preview of the email as you configure the template. cloud_scale_auth_email_template_editing_verfication

Note: You can customize the style of the email verification and password reset emails by adding the HTML code of the emails as the templates in the console.

Customize the Default Email Templates

  1. Navigate to Cloud Scale > Authentication, and click the Email Templates tab. cloud_scale_authentication_email_templates_verification_mail

  2. From the Email Verification tab, you can view and customize the Email Verification template:

    • If you wish to customize the template of the verification email, click Edit. cloud_scale_authentication_email_templates_verification_mail_edit_highlight
    • You can edit the mail’s subject and the content of the email and style it using HTML. You can either edit in the console, or you can paste the HTML code of the template. The changes you make to the template can be viewed in the Preview section. cloud_scale_auth_email_template_editing_verfication
  3. Click Save, to confirm the changes and save the Email Verification template.

  4. Click Password Reset tab to view and customize the Password Reset template:

    • Similar to the Email Verification template, you can customize and change, the email’s subject, and the content using HTML. Click the Edit button. cloud_scale_authentication_email_templates_pwd_mail_edit_highlight
    • As in Email Verification, you will be able to view the changes made in the Preview Section. cloud_scale_auth_email_pwd_reset_edit
  5. Click Save, to confirm the changes and save the Password Reset template.

The email verification and password reset emails that will be sent from your Catalyst application will now be sent as per the customized templates.

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