Send Emails

You can send emails from your Catalyst application after you configure the sender email address, and optionally the private domain and the SMTP server of the email client. The code templates for Java, Node.js and Python platforms, as well as the API specifications to send emails are mentioned in the respective help pages.

Catalyst enables you to set multiple email addresses as the receivers, and to CC, BCC, and reply to, through a single send mail operation through the SDKs or the API. You can also attach files in the emails you send. The maximum supported limits for email recipients and file attachments in a single send mail operation are specified below:

  • To address: 10
  • CC: 10
  • BCC: 5
  • Reply to: 5
  • Number of file attachments: 5
  • Size of file attachments: 15 MB (through a single file or multiple files upto 5 files)

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