1. Easy Internal Distribution

    You can use Catalyst MDM to host mobile apps that need to be used internally in your organization, and securely distribute them to the members of your organization. This helps facilitate limited usage of the mobile apps that you build. You can easily distribute and obtain reports on app usage from the Invites section.
  2. Qualitative Analysis and Testing

    If your app is built for commercial usage, you can perform qualitative analysis and testing of your mobile apps with the members of your organization as test users before launching the app commercially. Catalyst MDM is highly useful for this, as you can distribute the app internally and evaluate the overall app experience from the users’ perspective.
  3. Safe and Secure End-user Experience

    Catalyst MDM offers ManageEngine MDM’s data security, device protection, and app security features for your mobile apps. Security certifications are dispatched to Apple for iOS apps and to Google for Android apps from Catalyst. If the users have ManageEngine MDM installed on their devices, you can perform security activities and enforce safety regulations on their devices.
  4. Integrated Space to Distribute Apps and Manage their Versioning

    You can easily host your apps in the Mobile Device Management section in the Catalyst console in a few simple steps. You can also easily update an app and view its version history on a single page. The Invites section also displays a list of all the users that you have sent invites to, along with the acceptance status of every invitation.

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