Create a New User Role

When you create a new custom role in Catalyst, you must clone an existing role. This action will clone the set of permissions from the parent role to the new role. You can change the scopes and permissions of your custom role in the Permissions section of Data Store and File Store.

Note: You will not be able to delete roles from Catalyst currently. The provision to delete roles will be rolled out soon.

To create a new user role for your Catalyst application:

  1. Click the Roles tab of the User Management section of Authentication. Click the Add Roles button. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_add_roles_highlit

  2. Enter the name and description for the Role. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_name_desc

  3. Choose an existing role to clone the scopes and permissions for your custom role from the drop-down selection of Clone Role. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_clone_role

  4. You can enable the Make as Default toggle option if you want to ensure that when an end-user is added to your application, they will be automatically added to this role by default. Catalyst will automatically apply the permissions defined for this role to the new user. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_makedefault

  5. Click Add. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_role_added

The role will now be displayed in the Roles section along with the unique Role ID generated by Catalyst, the description of the role, the details of the collaborator that created the role and the date and time the role was created on.

Edit a Role

You can edit the name, description, and choose if you wish to make the role a default role or not using the Make as Default toggle.

To edit a role:

  1. Click the ellipsis icon present at the corner of the role you wish to edit and select Edit. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_role_edit_option

  2. Make the required changes and click Update. cloud_scale_authentication_user_management_roles_role_update

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