Public Signup

Enabling Public Signup will display the signup option in your login element and allow new users to sign up to your application.

Public Signup is disabled by default. You will not be access or enable the following while it is disabled:

  • The Signup option will not be displayed to your end-users, and you will not be able to add any of the Social Logins.
Note: Disabling Public Signup in one authentication type will disable it for all authentication types.

Enable Public Signup

The option to enable Public Signup will be present while you are setting any of the three authentication types. You can also enable it any time after an authentication is set up, from the Authentication Types section.

Note: Public Signup is mandatory to proceed with third-party authentication setup.
  1. Enable the option by clicking the toggle button. cloud-scale_auth_public_sign_toggle_off

  2. Click Yes, Proceed after reviewing the pop-up. cloud_scale_authentication_public_sign_enable_pop

Note: If you enable Public Signup for one authentication type, it will be automatically enabled for all authentication types.

Disable Public Signup

The option to disable Public Signup will also be available while you are setting up an authentication type, and in the Authentication Types section.

To disable Public Signup:

  1. Click the Public Signup toggle-button. cloud-scale_auth_public_sign_toggle_on

  2. Click Confirm, after reviewing the pop-up and entering “DISABLE” in the input section. cloud-scale_auth_public_sign_disable-pop

Public Signup will be disabled for all authentication types.

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