• You have the flexibility of implementing Catalyst Authentication using different methods: Native Catalyst Authentication (Hosted Authentication Type and Embedded Authentication Type) and Third-party Authentication Type.

  • Each authentication type provides you with a unique way to configure and design your login element.

  • You can directly add end-users to your application and configure their user roles upon your requirements.

  • You can customize additional user roles, and specific permissions can be provided to dictate access to Data Store and File Store components.

  • You have the option to add end-users to an organization using an existing organization, or have Catalyst create a new organization automatically when the user is added.

  • You can now customize and style templates of the Email Verification and Password Reset emails to compliment your branding requirements.

  • Enable and disable CORS and iFrame access to your application with a few simple steps.

  • Complex authentication types can be enabled and configured for your application directly from the console, and this does not require complex coding.

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