1. Powerful and Efficient Search

Catalyst can execute the search process in the indexed columns of up to 25 tables per search query, returning up to 500 data records in a single instance. Additionally, this search process executes with minimal latency and provides the user with a quick response, no matter how big the database is.

  1. Cost-Effective

Catalyst search integration is highly cost effective as it eliminates the need for you to construct a search logic on your own. It reduces manual effort on your part, saving you a significant amount of time and investment in resources. Catalyst search provides a fail-safe mechanism with its powerful architecture for a substantially lower cost than most other services.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

Catalyst search allows data to be available in one place for the end users of your application when they execute the search query. Because of its high performance with reduced waiting time and response time, Catalyst search operations speed up the application performance significantly. This efficient feature therefore enhances the user experience for your application.

  1. Customizable Search Code Templates

Catalyst search code templates are highly useful and allow you to tailor them to suit your application’s logic and design. You can build customized search operations with the code that Catalyst provides, such as searching for multiple columns of multiple tables in one query, searching for records that begin with a particular alphabet, sorting the search results, and more. Refer to the Implementation section for more information.

  1. Auto Scaling

Catalyst servers can auto-scale to provide the required space and resources when the application load increases. They maintain the consistency of their performance and scale up the data tiers based on the application’s fluctuating needs. Auto scaling ensures that your application stays reliable and it reduces app failures significantly.

  1. Fully-Managed Backend

You can implement Catalyst search without having to manage or handle its architecture directly. This saves you from handling the servers, setting up and configuring the environment, or manually customizing logic for your requirements. Zoho handles all the backend functionalities and takes care of all the behind-the-scenes activities.

  1. Ease of Access

As mentioned earlier, Catalyst search can easily be integrated into the application by copying a ready-made code template from the console. This template is available for all the programming environments. You can simply use the code template for the programming environment you used to develop the server-side functionalities in your application.

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