Mail is a Catalyst Cloud Scale component that enables you to send emails from within your Catalyst application to its end-users securely. You can add the email addresses for your organization’s various departments, such as the marketing, customer support, or finance, for instance, and send mass communication or transactional emails to the users, depending on your app’s business logic.

Catalyst enables you to configure either public domain emails or email addresses of your own domains as the sender email in the Catalyst console. You will need to add and authenticate these email addresses and domains in the console before you send the emails. You can also use an email client of your choice instead of Catalyst’s built-in email client, and configure its SMTP settings with Catalyst.

SDK and API documentation

Catalyst provides you with SDK tools and an API to send emails to your application users. You can easily incorporate the developer tools in your application’s code after you configure the sender emails and domains with Catalyst. Refer to the SDK and API documentation for details:

Key Features of Catalyst Mail

  • Enables you to configure a sender email address with the click of a few buttons and send emails within minutes.
  • Highly scalable and ensures speed, efficiency, and consistency irrespective of the load.
  • Allows you to store multiple email addresses for various purposes.
  • Enables the use of public domain email addresses directly without configuring their SMTP settings, for the domains that support this functionality.
  • Provides you with the flexibility of configuring private domains or your organization’s own domains and send emails from them.
  • Optimized performance of the built-in email client and reliable email delivery helps boost your business credibility.
  • Allows you to use an email client of your choice instead of the built-in client.
  • Provides support for various functionalities such as file attachments, CC, and BCC while sending emails through the SDKs or the API.

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