Cache is a small storage Catalyst Cloud Scale component that provides a faster way to retrieve data that is actively used. You can use the cache to store ephemeral data or data that is frequently accessed.

When building memory-intensive real-time applications or microservices that demand sub-millisecond responses, caching data is highly required. This is because, such dynamic cloud-based applications perform constant read and write operations. Accessing the main data storage unit for every read and write operation is highly expensive, and decreases the performance of the application.

Since the cache is an in-memory component, it can manage large volumes of data transmission with minimal latency. It therefore improves your application’s performance by a significant amount, and provides a rich user experience.

Catalyst cache is provided as an in-memory individual component that can be used independently of your main data storage unit. It is highly useful when implemented in dynamic, memory-intensive applications. You can partition the cache memory into segments in Catalyst, and store cache items in them from the Catalyst console.

To learn about using Catalyst cache in the development and production environments, visit the Environments help page.

SDK and API documentation

You can also work with Catalyst cache using the SDKs or the API. These enable you to fetch, insert, or update cache items in your project, and perform other actions. For more information and code samples on working in these programming environments, refer to these help pages:

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