Authentication is a component of Catalyst Cloud Scale that enables you to add end-users to your application, customize app login and sign-up forms that complement the branding of your business, manage user accounts and roles, and ensure secure access throughout your application directly from the console.

You can perform the following actions using Authentication from the remote console:

  • Add or remove the end-users of your application
  • Enable or disable their user accounts in your application
  • Create templates for emails to invite new users to access the application
  • Reset their passwords
  • Access Catalyst’s user sign-in code snippet that you can include in your application
  • Configure Google and Zoho sign-in providers for your application
  • Create and manage roles to define the levels of access and permissions for users


Catalyst provides two types of user authentication for your application:

Note: You can implement one instance of each of these authentication methods in a single application. You must set up at least one authentication method before you start adding users to your application.

With Authentication, the backend infrastructure management is entirely handled by Catalyst, allowing you to integrate it in your application with ease and with minimal coding effort.

All the operations that you can perform from the authentication console are listed below:

The document is divided into five pages to cover the five features of Catalyst Authentication: Users, Email Templates, Sign-in Method, Roles, Authorized Domains. Each section explains the key concepts, benefits, and implementation of each feature.

To learn about using Authentication in the development and production environments, visit the Environments help page.

SDK and API documentation

You can also add and manage the end-users of your application, and obtain user details using Catalyst APIand SDKs. For more information and code samples on working in these programming environments, refer to these help pages:

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