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Catalyst Help Documentation

Explore the Catalyst development platform and its services, and find resources that help you build custom solutions.

Get started with a quickstart guide on using Catalyst, and learn about the basics such as setting up your first project, using the web console, and installing the Catalyst CLI.

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Catalyst Serverless

Learn about Catalyst′s fully-managed, cloud-computing platform that provides a powerful infrastructure for your application building needs. Catalyst Serverless provides FaaS and PaaS solutions, and supports multiple programming environments.

Catalyst Cloud Scale

Catalyst Cloud Scale includes components that enable you to securely build and host robust serverless applications and microservices. Explore end-to-end solutions for your application storage, security, integration, and deployment needs.

Catalyst Zia Services

Explore a host of ML and AI-powered microservices that you can readily incorporate in the programming environment of your choice. Catalyst Zia services includes features like OCR, AutoML, Text Analytics, Image Moderation, and more.

Catalyst DevOps

Discover ways to implement a DevOps model in your software building process. Catalyst DevOps provides components that allow you to operate your code at scale, and perform application monitoring, iterative testing, and quality checks with ease.

Catalyst QuickML

Create machine-learning pipelines with end-to-end solutions in a fully no-code ML pipeline builder service. Utilize data connectors to fetch datasets, perform data preprocessing, and avail of ML algorithms and operations to build ML models.

Catalyst SmartBrowz

Explore ways to configure and access a headless browser programmatically using popular browser automation libraries. You can crawl and scrape permitted websites, and design templates with dynamic content to generate visual documents of them.

Catalyst QuickML

Create machine-learning pipelines with end-to-end solutions in a fully no-code ML pipeline builder service. Access a host of pre-built ML algorithms, operations, and data preprocessing techniques, and connect with datasets to build ML models.

Catalyst ConvoKraft

Create AI-powered conversational bot assistants and embed them in your web applications with ease. Explore various ConvoKraft components that enable you to configure the usage, functioning, and appearance of the bots to your needs.


Get a hands-on experience in working with Catalyst components of all services and environments by building sample applications and microservices.

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Release Notes

Stay updated with the latest news on feature releases, enhancements, bug fixes, and more, made in various Catalyst services, components, and developer environments.

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Deployment and Billing

Explore the development and production environments of Catalyst, and learn about project deployments, payment methods, pricing plans, and billing settings in Catalyst.

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Access independent, pre-packaged solutions that can be added to your Catalyst project. You can quickly install a microservice from the library and instantly leverage its functionality.

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Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with various Catalyst services.

How do I work with Catalyst CLI?
You can install Catalyst CLI using the NPM or Yarn package manager after ensuring all prerequisites are met. After the installation, you can work with the CLI from your system's terminal and access all catalyst commands. You can refer to the Getting Started section and the CLI documentation for detailed help with the installation process and the CLI command reference.
How do I access Catalyst Java, Node.js, and Python SDKs?
You can access the SDK packages for Java, Node.js, or Python programming environments from the Developer Tools settings in the remote console for your Catalyst project. You can also download the SDK packages directly while initializing or creating functions from the CLI or the console respectively.
How do I monitor my usage and billing in Catalyst?
You can monitor your Catalyst usage and billing from the Billing section in settings for both the pay-as-you-go pricing model and the subscription model. You can check the breakdown of you resource usage, view a comprehensive report, set budget limits for your usage, and more from the Billing section.
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