1. Fast Content Delivery
    Catalyst’s Content Delivery Network edge nodes span across the world. This ensures a fast delivery of content for the end-users in all geographical areas. Catalyst also ensures minimal latency, and serves both static and dynamic content with equal quality in performance.
  2. Supportive of Multiple Kinds of Web Applications
    Catalyst enables you to host a variety of web application types, such as both static and dynamic applications. You can structure and build your application, and use different content types ranging from HTML and CSS, to any framework or library of JavaScript, such as Angular, React, or Ember.
  3. Secure Connection
    Catalyst prioritizes the security of your web application, and ensures that the end-users have a safe and reliable experience using the web app. All applications hosted through Catalyst’s domain contain an SSL security certificate by default. If you map your organization’s own domain to your web app, Zoho will provide you a free mandatory Group SSL certificate for your domain.
  4. Scalable and Accomodative
    Catalyst provides efficient, scalable server resources. Based on the fluctuating needs of your application, Catalyst’s servers are scaled up or down to accommodate the present load. It ensures a smooth consistency in your web app’s performance and speed, irrespective of the number of active connections or API calls made to the server.
  5. Easy and Quick Access
    You can easily host your web app and deploy the resources of its client directory in a few simple steps from the Catalyst console. Once you deploy resources, your web app is made available on the server within seconds. You can test it thoroughly in the Development environment before deploying it to Production.

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