Use Cases

Catalyst Event Listeners can be used in the following scenarios:

  • A job portal application allows users to upload their resumes while signing up for an account. The application then reads the required information from the resume files using Zia OCR and auto-fills fields in the users’ profile information, such as their educational qualifications and job experiences. To enable this functionality, it uses the Catalyst component event listener to listen for file upload events in a folder in the File Store. The event listener then associates this event with the execution of a function that invokes Zia OCR and fills the fields in the profile with the results of the OCR processing.

  • An event application features upcoming events in a locality. When a user is interested in an event, they click on a CTA button for that event and navigate to the event’s page to view more details about it. The button click invokes a Catalyst custom event listener’s URL in the background and passes certain data about the user’s interest. This URL invocation is associated with a target function that processes the data and sends a customized automated promotional email to the user about upcoming events similar to the one the user was interested in.

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