1. Efficient API Management

    Catalyst API Gateway enables you to manage all your APIs in a single place. It provides a single endpoint for all your clients, and allows you to create custom APIs with flexible definitions for each request. The ability to aggregate all HTTP supported request methods into one method (ANY) increases efficiency and reduces manual efforts in creating and maintaining a large number of APIs. It also minimizes the number of round trips between the client and the application server, improving the end user experience.
  2. Enhanced Security for the Application’s Backend

    Catalyst API Gateway acts as an intermediate layer between the client and the server, and prevents direct communication between them. This insulates the application from the clients, and prevents public exposure of its backend architecture and endpoints. API Gateway decreases the risk of potential threats associated with vulnerable exposure by completely decoupling the clients from services. The authentication methods also act as additional security boosters, and ensure protection of the application and user data.
  3. Offloading Functionalities from Individual Services

    API Gateway offloads functionalities such as authentication and throttling from individual microservices, and handles everything in a consolidated manner. This lessens the responsibilities of individual services, as they do not need to be designed to manage authentication or throttling by themselves. API Gateway acts as a cohesive unit to manage all your APIs centrally and streamlines your application’s functionality.
  4. High Performance at any Scale

    Throttling the rate limits of an API improves the application’s performance and provides a rich user experience. It helps the backend systems withstand traffic spikes and prevents excessive use of resources. Throttling also ensures that a particular set of clients alone do not suffocate the backend resources, and distributes the application’s efficiency evenly between all clients. You can design usage plans in your application based on the throttling limits that you configure. Catalyst API Gateway ensures that your application is fast, robust, reliable, and consistent.

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