Native Catalyst Authentication

Native Catalyst Authentication is an Authentication type where the entire authentication setup is handled by Catalyst, without the requirement of any additional coding or infrastructure management from your end. With this authentication type, Catalyst secures end-user access and all the end points of your application, relieving you from the responsibility of handling the backend security requirements.

Native Catalyst Authentication can be implemented using either or both of these methods:

  • Hosted Login: This enables you to create and host your login element as a dedicated page. cloud_scale_auth_hosted_sample
    You can implement this authentication type, if you wish to provide your end-users a dedicated page for them to sign up, sign in, or perform a password reset operation.
Note: Catalyst will provide you with all backend support required to style and customize your login element to match your branding preferences.
  • Embedded Login: This enables you to load your application’s login element as an iFrame. cloud_scale_auth_embedded_conventional

You can implement this authentication type, if you want your end-users to complete their authentication process in the same page, without redirecting them to a separate page.

For example, in the sample image above, the end-user can continue their login process, while viewing your application’s website content or marketing collaterals.

Note:You can find out how to customize and style this authentication type from this help page.

You can implement Social Logins for both the authentication types. Additionally, you can also have your login element in a manner that allows users to access your application exclusively through Social Logins.


  • You can choose to host your application’s login element on a dedicated page or load it is an iFrame.

  • You can implement both the native authentication types, along with a third-party authentication, for each of your application.

  • You can provide your users with the option to sign up to your application by using popular Social Logins.

  • You do not have to invest time or additional resources to set up a secure infrastructure, because with Native Catalyst Authentication, Catalyst secures all the end points of your application for you. With third-party authentication, you will need to handle the security of your application end-points.

  • You can set up both of these authentication methods from the console with a few steps, without requiring any additional backend support.

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