Domain Mappings


Domain Mappings, a Catalyst Cloud Scale component, enables you to map your own domain address with the production URL of the Catalyst application. After you map your domain with a specific Catalyst application, you can provide the URL of your own domain to the end-users of your application. They will then be able to access your Catalyst application’s client end from your domain’s address directly, instead of accessing the default production URL of the application.

Catalyst also enables security for all the domains that you map with your applications, by providing Group SSL certificates for them at no cost. You can create domain mappings and manage all of your mapped domains in an integrated space, using the Catalyst console.

Note: Domain Mappings is only available in the Production environment. You can map domains and configure the mappings only after you deploy your application to production and work from the production environment.

Points to remember about Catalyst Domain Mappings:

  • You must already have the domain hosted live, to map it with the Catalyst application using Domain Mappings.
  • The default production URL provided by Catalyst will still be active after you map it with an external domain. You can access the client endpoint with the default development or production URLs at all times.
  • You can associate only one unique domain with one Catalyst application. You will not be able to add the same domain address for a different Catalyst application.
  • You can map multiple domains with a single Catalyst application. You can configure mappings for up to 5 domains in each application.
  • You can disable or delete a mapping any time you need, and use only the default URL of the application.

To learn about the actions you can perform in Domain Mappings in the production environment, refer to the Environments help page.

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