Web Client Hosting


Web client hosting enables you to host the client part of the web-based applications that you create, from the Catalyst Cloud Scale console. Catalyst provides a functionally rich set of Web SDK tools to build a web application. The Web SDK package contains JavaScript classes and methods that enable you to integrate Catalyst components into your web client application. You can refer to the Web SDK documentation for more information.

Catalyst provides a reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based production platform, along with scalable resources, to host your applications. Our servers accommodate the fluctuating needs of your application, and they handle all backend jobs.

You can host your web client application easily and manage its versioning, like updating to a newer version or rolling back to an older version, from the console. Catalyst enables you to host and manage one web application for each project.

You can host your web application only in the Development environment of your Catalyst project. You will not be able to host it directly in Production. You must deploy your Catalyst project to the Production environment to make it available there. You can then distribute the application to the end-users. Therefore, when you update the version of your application in Catalyst, it will not affect the app that is already live until you migrate the changes to production.

Catalyst provides a default application URL for your web client in both the Development and Production environments, after you host it. You can access your application from that URL, or map your own domain to it using Domain Mappings and distribute that to the end-users. Catalyst also helps you easily incorporate Push Notifications for your web applications, and send test notifications from the console.

In general, you can deploy web clients in Catalyst in three different ways:

  • Deploy the web client from the Catalyst CLI:
    You can deploy both the web client and function resources of a Catalyst project together as the entire application, or individually, using Catalyst CLI. Refer to the Deploy Resources help page for details.
  • Deploy the web client from a GitHub repository:
    Catalyst enables you to integrate your GitHub account with your Catalyst account, and access your GitHub repositories in the Catalyst console. You can deploy a Git repo easily from the console. This will deploy the project files, such as the web client and the functions, to your Catalyst project in the console. Refer to the GitHub Integration help page for details.
  • Deploy the web client from the console:
    You can deploy the web client from the Web Client Hosting section in the Catalyst console. This documentation covers the concepts and procedures of this method alone.

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