Zia AI Assistant


The Catalyst Zia AI Assistant is a powerful AI component that provides a host of automation features that aid in your software development journey. Zia AI Assistant integrates with OpenAI and facilitates the use of its disruptive model for the AI operations in Catalyst. With the power of artificial intelligence assisting you in various stages throughout your Catalyst experience, you can leverage precision, efficiency, speed, and accuracy by implementing automation in your operations.

Zia AI Assistant offers the following features that you can avail with the click of a button:

  • Code Converter: Converts code from one programming environment to another
  • Code Generator: Generates ready-to-use code through input prompts
  • Code Debugger: Identifies errors and issues in your code by debugging it
  • Code Docs Generator: Generates descriptive documentation for your code
  • Test Case Generator: Generates test cases for your code for unit testing

Using these tools, you can easily input prompts to the AI from the Catalyst console and obtain output for all your requirements that you can readily implement in your Catalyst application or solution.

Note: The Catalyst Zia AI Assistant is not a part of any specific Catalyst service, such as Cloud Scale or Serverless. It is available independently outside of all services, and you will not be required to use any specific service to use Zia AI Assistant. You can access the AI Assistant in your console in all your projects at all times.

Catalyst’s integration with the pioneering generative AI is done through OpenAI’s API endpoint. The API is backed by a diverse range of powerful transformer neural network models, built and trained in the most advanced environments of AI. Catalyst’s implementation of the OpenAI integration within its development environment in the most effective manner facilitates convenience and ease in your user experience.

Catalyst adheres to a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) configuration that requires you to perform a one-time generation and configuration of an API secret key with OpenAI. This authenticates all your operations in Zia AI Assistant and allows you to prompt the AI. You can create and manage integration with OpenAI for your Catalyst organization from the settings in the console.

Points to remember:
  • Catalyst currently does not train OpenAI’s models with custom datasets, or customize GPT models in any way. Therefore, Zia AI Assistant will not be able to generate any Catalyst-specific results for your input prompts. The Code Generator or Code Converter, for instance, will generate or convert generic code in the programming language that you specify which will not include any Catalyst SDK classes or methods. You can build upon the results produced by the AI and customize it to suit your business requirements.

  • Any potential inaccuracies or errors resulting from the generative AI’s responses for your input prompts are out of Zoho’s scope and liability. The Zia AI Assistant fetches the response from OpenAI and renders it within the Catalyst console as such, without any manipulation.

  • Any input prompts provided in Zia AI Assistant will be sent to OpenAI’s servers for processing. You must ensure you that you don’t provide any sensitive or protected information to the generative AI and adhere to all applicable privacy and security guidelines as required.

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