Search integration is a Catalyst Cloud Scale component that enables data searching in the indexed columns of the tables in your Catalyst Data Store. When you implement Catalyst search in your application, the end users will be able to perform powerful searches through volumes of data in your Data Store with a single search query.

Performing a conventional search in a high-volume database containing a substantial number of data records is time-consuming and tedious. Although you can use joins in SQL to combine records from two or more tables, you can still only search based on the related column which links them. You will not be able to provide a powerful search feature for ZCQL queries in Catalyst.

In an application where a large number of search queries are executed on a sub-second basis, it is very difficult to build a system that can handle the heavy amount of data processing. It requires a lot of effort to construct and implement a data search logic from scratch. This is also a memory-intensive and a highly expensive process, that involves strenuous efforts on the developer’s part. In these cases, you can integrate Catalyst’s readily available code template in your application’s backend and let Catalyst handle the search processing.

Catalyst search is available in both Java, Node.js and Python programming environments for your web application. You can copy the ready-made code template available for Java, Node.js, and Python from the Catalyst console and implement it in your application’s code wherever required. You can also make any column of any table in the Data Store available or unavailable for processing in the search query by easily indexing or un-indexing the column from the Data Store.

SDK and API Documentation

Catalyst enables you to execute search queries through various SDKs and API. For more information and code samples on working in these programming environments, refer to these help pages:

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