Third-party Authentication

Catalyst powers developers by enabling them to implement any third-party authentication service like WatchGuard AuthPoint, Cisco Secure Access by Duo, The Okta Identity Cloud, etc., in their Catalyst application. Catalyst will provide the necessary backend support and scripts you require to securely incorporate a third-party authentication service of your choice.

Note: Given that you are implementing a third-party authentication service, it is understood that the security infrastructure of your application is contingent on the efficiency of the third-party service that you have chosen. Catalyst will not handle any backend infrastructure setup or security implementation for your application users.

The authorization and validation of the end-user is handled by the third-party service, and the data is passed on to Catalyst. Catalyst will provide you with server-side and client-side scripts to generate a required custom token with the authenticated user’s details, and to process the token in the front-end of the application respectively, to log the user in.


  • Authentication provides you with all the required scripts to generate custom tokens to incorporate third-party authentication into your Catalyst application. This saves you considerable efforts in configuring the logic from the third-party service within your application.

  • You can easily incorporate any third-party authentication service and add end-users to your Catalyst application. This provides you with limitless flexibility, and allows you to pick a service of your choice based on your business requirements.

  • If you have an existing subscription with a third-party authentication service, you can easily use the same for your Catalyst application.

  • The scripts to generate the custom server token is available in multiple programming languages —Java, Node.js and Python. This provides compatibility with your existing application code, and allows you to easily incorporate the script in a language of your preference.

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