Deploy Resources


You can deploy the resources of your project from the CLI to the remote console, after you have developed and tested them. This will update the project in the console with the latest code.

The three components that you can deploy from the CLI are: Client, Functions, AppSail and API Gateway rules that you developed in your local Catalyst project directory. You can deploy web client applications of all three types: Basic web apps, Angular apps, and React apps.

When you deploy resources from the CLI, they will only be available in the development environment of your Catalyst project. They will not affect the production environment of your application. To make the resources available in the production environment, you must deploy the project to production from the console.

You can also directly host your web client application from the Catalyst console, and create or upload functions directly in the console. You can also configure APIs in API Gateway directly in the console. Catalyst also supports a standalone deploy option for deploying your AppSail resource without initializing it in prior, in addition to the regular deployment.

Note: You cannot deploy resources of your mobile applications using the Catalyst CLI. You can host mobile apps using Mobile Device Management.

Points to Remember:

  • A project can only be deployed successfully if its directory includes the client and the functions packages in the standard structure. The functions and client directories must contain the required configuration files in the standard format. For more information, refer to the Project Directory Structure help.

  • The catalyst.json file must be present in the project directory when the project is deployed using the CLI. It is not necessary to include this file when you are directly hosting the web client from the console.

  • The catalyst-user-rules.json file that contains the definitions of the API Gateway rules must be present in the project’s home directory, if you require it to be deployed.

Note: If you are a Visual Studio Code IDE user, you can install the Catalyst Tools extension, and perform CLI operations using your IDE in place of the CLI. Steps to deploy your Catalyst resources using Visual Studio Code IDE can be found here.

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