Catalyst provides two work environments in the Catalyst web console for your applications:

  1. Development: The development environment enables you to create, configure, test, and host Catalyst features and components in a local sandbox. When your Catalyst application is still in the development phase, you can use the development environment to build it and perform iterative testing on it.

  2. Production: The production environment is the live mode that is accessible to the end users of your application. When you complete the development and testing of your Catalyst application and it is ready to be made live, you can easily deploy your application from the development to the production environment from the web console.

The deployment process migrates the data and configurations of one environment to the other. After your application has been deployed, you will be able to switch between the development and production environments in the Catalyst console easily.

Catalyst offers the development environment permanently, at no cost. You can work in the development environment of all your Catalyst applications and use most Catalyst features for free. However, the development environment comes with certain limitations in the features and components, that are specified in each component help page.

Once you have deployed your Catalyst application to the production environment, you will be billed for the API calls that you make in your live Catalyst application. You can learn more about this from the Billing help page.

This document explains the deployment process, as well as how to use Catalyst in both environments.

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