Introduction to Catalyst SDK

Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools and libraries that allow developers to create software applications on a specific platform that the SDK targets. The contents of an SDK package include everything that is necessary for developers to successfully build software applications for that platform.

Catalyst SDK packages provide a host of tools and functionalities that enable you to build functionally-rich, reliable, robust, and secure applications, by incorporating various Catalyst services such as Cloud Scale, Serverless, Zia Services and their components such as Data Store, Functions, Authentication, and more in them. You can easily handle backend jobs in your application by implementing the ready-made functionalities for each service provided by the SDK package, and building on them as per your requirements. This saves you from investing time and effort into coding the backend from scratch, and helps you focus more on designing the user experience of the app.

Catalyst provides SDK packages for the following languages and development environments:

You can access the resources provided to easily understand the process of developing interactive web and mobile applications using Catalyst. The SDK documentation guides provide detailed help on setting up the environments for the specific platform, prerequisites, setup procedures, code syntaxes, and well-explained code samples for integrating each Catalyst service and component in your application’s code.

You can also access the Catalyst API Documentation for detailed help on the API available for various services, components and functionalities.

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