Search Data in Indexed Columns

Search executes a searchQuery() method to search for a particular pattern of data. You can search:

  • Data in multiple tables
  • Only data in search indexed columns

To learn more about search please refer to the documentation here.

The following code snippet contains the pattern to search for in specified columns of the tables:

Ensure the following packages are imported:

import com.zc.component.object.ZCRowObject; import; import;
//Get an instance of SearchDetails ZCSearchDetails search = ZCSearchDetails.getInstance(); //Set the pattern to be searched search.setSearch("Sa*"); //Create a hashmap for the tables and corresponding column lists to search HashMap<String,List\*> map = new HashMap (); List searchList1 = new ArrayList(); List searchList2 = new ArrayList(); //Add indexed columns of same or different tables to the list searchList1.add("SearchIndexedColumn"); searchList2.add("SearchTest"); //Add the table with its name and the column lists map.put("SampleTable", searchList1); map.put("Users", searchList2); //Set the table-column mapping for searching search.setSearchTableColumns(map); //Execute Search by passing the search instance with the details ArrayList<ZCRowObject> rowList = ZCSearch.getInstance().executeSearchQuery(search);

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