Catalyst Mail

Catalyst Mail enables you to add the email addresses of your business that will be used to send emails to the end-users from your Catalyst application. You can configure email addresses of public domains or of your organization’s own domains. You can also use an external email client of your choice and configure its SMTP settings with Catalyst, instead of using the built-in Catalyst email client. This section covers the various SDK methods that can be used to implement the Catalyst Mail functionality in your application.

Get a Component Instance

A component instance is an object that can be used to access the pre-defined configurations specific to a particular component. This process will not fire a server-side call.

The app reference used in the code below is the Python object returned as a response during SDK initialization. You can create a new mail_serviceinstance as shown below. Also note that this component instance will be used in multiple scenarios while implementing the Catalyst Mail service in your application.

#Get a mail component instance mail_service =

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