Project Directory Structure


When you create or initialize a new project from the Catalyst CLI, it is created in a specific structure along with the necessary configuration files. This project is stored in the directory that you create it in, which will be considered as the project’s home directory. The boiler plate code for the project is generated in the project’s home directory during the creation. To learn about initializing a Catalyst project or any of its specific components from the CLI, refer to the Initialize Resources help page.

Before you host a web client in Catalyst, you must ensure that it contains all the resources in the standard project directory structure as described in this help page. Any discrepancies could cause errors in the production of your application.

When you initialize a Catalyst project from the CLI, you will be asked to choose the components to initialize. The two fundamental components of a Catalyst project that you can initialize are: the client and functions

If you initialize all of the components, the following resource directories are created in your project directory:

  1. Client
  2. Functions
  3. catalyst.json

Let us take a look at these resources in detail.

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