Export and Import Projects


Catalyst CLI provides the ability to perform IaC project export and import operations from the local environment. You can export a Catalyst project, including the configurations of its components and its code, as an external ZIP file. You can then import the ZIP file as a new project into any Catalyst account.

A project export is done from its active project directory in the local environment. When you export a project, the export ZIP file is created in a specific format in the same directory. You can only import a project if this ZIP file is in this standard format. The CLI also enables you to directly import any project from a local directory without having to export it first, through a pack command which generates an import-ready ZIP file.

The project export and import feature enables easy transfers of projects between data centers or between Catalyst accounts. It also enables easy access and testing of a project from an external environment, such as a GitHub repository. You can simply clone a Git repo containing a Catalyst project’s components, generate its ZIP file to import it, and easily test the project. You can also easily perform these actions through a remote system, such as a CI system, or write scripts to automate these tasks.

Catalyst also provides you the option to import a project to just the Catalyst remote console, or to both the remote console and the local environment.

Note: You can also perform the IaC project export and import operations from the General Settings in the remote console. You can learn about it from the IaC Settings help page.

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