Working with Projects

List Catalyst Projects

You can view a list of the Catalyst projects in organizations that you have access to in your Catalyst user account, from the CLI.

To view a list of all your existing Catalyst projects in the organization that is set as the default, execute the following command:

catalyst project:list

If you require the projects from a different organization that is not the default one to be listed, you must execute the same command with the –org option and specify the unique org ID of that organization in this manner:

catalyst project:list --org<org_id>

This will display a table with the names and the Project IDs of your existing Catalyst projects in the organization.

List Projects in CLI

The base project of the directory from which you executed the command is also specified in the project list. This is the project that you originally initialized in that directory.

The list also indicates the project that is active in that directory. If the active project is not the directory’s base project, the CLI will display an alert about this.

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