Serve Resources


Catalyst CLI allows you the convenience of testing your project resources locally before deploying them to the remote console. You can serve the resources through a localhost in your system for testing without affecting the live version of your application.

You can serve these components of your project through the local server: Basic I/O functions, Advanced I/O functions, Browser Logic Functions, AppSail apps, Angular web apps, React web apps, and Basic web apps.

Note: Catalyst will not be able to serve functions of the other types, i.e., Cron, Event, and Integration functions, as their endpoints are not directly accessible through URLs.

The serve command also enables you to start a local server from any port, or start the server in a debug mode to analyze the execution of your code in detail. You can test specific targets of your project, proxy unknown requests to the local host URL, or ignore lifecycle scripts. All these actions can be performed using the various options available for the serve command.


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