CLI Context-Sensitive Help


Catalyst provides context-sensitive help when you encounter an error during a CLI command execution. For example, if there is an unexpected error in the usage of a command or while fetching a resource during a command execution, Catalyst will provide you help for the particular context of the error.

Contextual help involves understanding the purpose or usage of a command by the user, and the reason for the error occurrence. Catalyst will analyze the situation dynamically to learn the reason behind not obtaining the expected result, and provide you customized help accordingly.

When you run into an unexpected error during a command execution, Catalyst will not only specify the reason behind the error, but it will also provide you help with the actions you can take to rectify or prevent the error. Catalyst will also display a help link to the documentation of the particular command or action. You can simply open the help link URL in a browser and access the help documentation.

Examples of Contextual Help

  • If you execute the catalyst client:delete [options] [client_version] command to delete a live version of the client, the CLI will inform you that a currently live client cannot be deleted. It will also suggest that you could make a different version live or deploy a new version of the client before attempting the deletion operation again. It will also provide you a help link to the specific section in the CLI documentation that contains a detailed explanation.
    CLI Context-Sensitive Help

  • If you execute a CLI command while being logged out from your Catalyst remote account, the CLI will inform you that it was unable to authenticate your command execution. It will suggest that you log in to your account or execute the command with a valid auth token, and provide a help link.
    CLI Context-Sensitive Help

  • If you deploy a resource with a required configuration file missing, the CLI will inform you about the particular absent file and suggest you to include it in the directory. You can learn about the project directory structure from the help link provided, and rectify the errors.
    CLI Context-Sensitive Help

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