Pull Resources


You can pull the features from a Catalyst project that was created in the UI console to the CLI easily. This allows you to download the components of a project from the console, to the same project that is active in your working directory in the CLI. You can use this feature to update your project directory with the changes that were made in the console.

You can pull the three components of a Catalyst project: Client, Functions, API Gateway Rules. When you pull the client and function components, their respective home directories are created inside your working project directory. When you pull API Gateway rules, a JSON file that contains the definitions of the latest APIG rules will be pulled into your project’s home directory. You can learn about the directory structure in detail from the Project Directory Structure help page .

  • If your working directory doesn’t have an active Catalyst project associated with it, you will be unable to pull any resources. Make sure that you have initialized and associated the directory with a Catalyst project before pulling resources into it.

  • If you are a Visual Studio Code IDE user, you can install the Catalyst Tools extension, and perform the above mentioned CLI operations using your IDE in place of the CLI. Steps to perform Pull operations on your Catalyst projects using Visual Studio Code IDE can be found here

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