Data Store Import and Export


Catalyst enables you to perform bulk read and bulk write operations on the tables in the Catalyst Data Store using the CLI.

  • Data Store Import: The import operation can fetch thousands of records from a CSV file uploaded in the File Store and bulk write them to a specific table in the Data Store. After the import operation has executed successfully, a CSV report file containing the details of the job execution will be generated at a download URL.
  • Data Store Export: The export operation can bulk read thousands of records from a specific table in the Data Store, and generate a CSV file containing the results of the read operation if the job is successful.

The specific requirements for both import and export operations can be defined in an optional input JSON configuration file, which you can pass along with your CLI commands. If you do not pass a configuration file, you must specify the mandatory information in the options of the command executions.

You can configure a callback URL in both the operations, to enable automatic posting of the job status responses in it. You can also manually check the job execution status whenever you need.

Note: Catalyst also provides APIs for Data Store import and export operations. You can create the jobs, check their statuses, and download the results using individual APIs for both operations. Refer to the Bulk Read API and Bulk Write API documentations for more information.

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