Generate an Import-Ready ZIP File


Catalyst enables you to directly import any project from a local directory without having to export it first. This means that you need not have an import-ready ZIP file already present in your local system to import a project.

You can generate an import-ready ZIP file in the standard format in an existing Catalyst project directory automatically, by executing this command. You can then provide the path to this ZIP file while importing the project. This saves you the effort from verifying if all files and sub-directories are present in the required format, and compressing each function folder or the client directory manually to prepare a source ZIP file to import.

Note: As the import operation requires the project-template JSON file, it must be mandatorily present in the directory the pack command is executed from. The functions or client directories, or the catalyst.json configuration file are not mandatory.

IaC Pack

You can pack a Catalyst project and generate its ZIP file in the standard format, by executing the following command from the project directory:

catalyst iac:pack

This will create the ZIP file in the same directory.

CLI IaC Pack

You can also provide a name of your choice to the ZIP file by specifying the name following the command as shown below.

CLI IaC Pack

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