Browser Logic


This component of Catalyst SmartBrowz is a Catalyst Serverless Function type, that contains the ideal coding structure required to perform any browser task through code. Using Browser Logic functions you can engineer any browser interaction or action as code to perform in a Headless browser.

Every browser task that can be done manually performed can be engineered as Browser Logic. Browser Logic functions can be coded in the following programming languages:

Much like other Serverless functions, you can create, initialize, serve and deploy Browser Logic functions from the Catalyst CLI. When you deploy the function to the console, Catalyst will generate an Invocation URL, that allows you directly access the function. The Invocation URL will be in the following format:


You can also use Logs, a Catalyst DevOps component to check function logs of Browser Logic functions, and APM to monitor your function performance.

Note: Any Browser action or operation that you code using the Browser Logic function, or any browser automation or web scraping task that you perform using any component of Catalyst SmartBrowz is at your own risk. We strongly recommend you use the SmartBrowz components to perform operations on domains that permit the actions, or with proper approval. Additionally, while Catalyst does provide a secure infrastructure to code your functions, any consequence of the logic you code using Catalyst functions is yours alone.

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