Catalyst SmartBrowz

Catalyst SmartBrowz components allows you to control, manage a headless browser and perform a variety of operations such as generating PDFs and screenshots of webpages, creating templates to generate PDFs with dynamic content, extracting data from the web using powerful Catalyst APIs and more.

Create SmartBrowz Instance

A component instance is an object that can be used to access the properties specific to a particular component. You can create a component instance to execute any headless actions in SmartBrowz.

The app reference used in the code below is the Python object returned as a response during SDK initialization. You can create a new smart_browzinstance as shown below.

smart_browz = app.smart_browz()

This component instance will be used for all SmartBrowz operations in Python SDK.

Note: Any Browser action or operation that you code using the Browser Logic function, or any browser automation or web scraping task that you perform using any component of Catalyst SmartBrowz is at your own risk. We strongly recommend you use the SmartBrowz components to perform operations on domains that permit the actions, or with proper approval. Additionally, while Catalyst does provide a secure infrastructure to code your functions, any consequence of the logic you code using Catalyst functions is yours alone.

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