Search Data

Catalyst Search enables you to search and retrieve data records from the Catalyst Data Store. You can execute a search query using the execute_search_query() method to search for a particular pattern of data.

Create a Dictionary

The following code snippet creates a dictionary that contains the attributes of the pattern to be searched for, in the indexed columns of the individual Data Store tables.

#Create a dictionary config = { 'search': 'burrows*', 'search_table_columns': { 'Employee': ['EmployeeID'], 'Users': ['Name'] } }

Execute Search Query

The dictionary object created in the previous section is passed as a parameter to the execute_search_query() method, which returns the response. The search_service reference used below is already defined in the component instance page.

#Execute Search query response_data = search_service.execute_search_query(config)

A sample response will be shown below :

{ AlienCity: [ { CREATORID: "2136000000006003", MODIFIEDTIME: "2021-08-13 13:49:19:475", CITYNAME: "Dallas", CREATEDTIME: "2021-08-13 13:49:19:475", ROWID: "2136000000008508" } ] }

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