Components of the Python SDK

Catalyst Python SDK comprises of pre-defined packages and modules to work with all the Catalyst components. The classes present within each module include methods that help perform various operations using the Catalyst components in your application.

The zcatalyst-sdk is the base package of the Catalyst Python SDK. It enables you to initialize the SDK package and implement the various Catalyst components in your application. The zcatalyst-sdk package allows you to implement the components of the following Catalyst services:

Cloud Scale


Zia Services

The hierarchy of the entities present with the zcatalyst-sdk package is depicted in the diagram below. The core functionalities of the components such as the Data Store, File Store, Cache, Push Notifications, and the ones that are a part of the Zia services are configured in individual sub-packages within the base package. The features of other components such as Authentication, Circuits, Functions, Search, Cron and ZCQL are configured as individual modules within the base package and they include the corresponding Python classes and methods.


Instance Objects

The zcatalyst-sdk base package contains the pre-defined Python modules and packages for each Catalyst component. The classes present within the modules contains corresponding methods for each operation to be performed using the Catalyst components. You can access the methods by creating an instance of the Python object, that can be fetched during initialization of the SDK. For detailed steps on initialization of the Python SDK, please refer to the Setup section in this document.

An instance object or component instance is a dummy object that can be used to retrieve the properties of a Catalyst component by accessing the methods present in the Python classes specific to that particular component. Therefore, to retrieve the properties of a particular Catalyst component you must call the component’s object instance with the pre-defined method.

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