Headless is a component of Catalyst SmartBrowz that you can use to connect to a remote browser with popular automation libraries in a environment powered by Catalyst cloud.


Catalyst SmartBrowz offers you the option to connect to a secure remote browser with any automation library of your choice. Additionally, code snippets are provided in the console and this help section to allow you to connect to the remote browser with popular automation libraries like:

  • Puppetteer
  • Playwright
  • Selenium

The endpoints required to connect to the remote browser and the API KEY to authenticate the connection with the remote browser will be automatically generated by Catalyst and available in the console. You can find out how to connect using these endpoints in this help section.

You also have the option to configure the remote browser’s memory.

Note: You must install the browser automation libraries in your local system before you use them. For example, if you wish to use the browser automation libraries listed above, you will need to install them first from their official websites. You can refer to their respective helps documentations for steps —Puppetteer, Playwright, Selenium.

In the console, you will be provided code snippets to connect with the headless browser in the following programming languages:

  • Currently Catalyst provides the remote browser only in Chrome flavours. Support for other browsers will be rolled out in future updates.

  • Any Browser action or operation that you code using the Browser Logic function, or any browser automation or web scraping task that you perform using any component of Catalyst SmartBrowz is at your own risk. We strongly recommend you use the SmartBrowz components to perform operations on domains that permit the actions, or with proper approval. Additionally, while Catalyst does provide a secure infrastructure to code your functions, any consequence of the logic you code using Catalyst functions is yours alone.

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